I’m 24, college- and graduate-educated, and I’m a FTM (female-to-male) transgender individual. I started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) February 27th, 2015 (@5:30pm :D). I’m also engaged to a wonderful woman, Liz, we are an interracial couple. I’m from Baltimore City, Maryland, I lived in Manhattan for 6 months, and currently live in Vermont (almost a year now). I’ve been racking my brain trying to decide how I might contribute more of myself to support the transgender community and offer personal (and sometimes academic) insight into the transgender experience. Not just my own life, but in romantic and social relationships, and living life in general. Maybe you’re curious, maybe you’re questioning your gender, or maybe someone you know is transgender. I’m sure this blog will be useful to one, if not many individuals. My goal is to go deeper than most personal accounts, while offering academic or scientific knowledge for better understanding (or to increase my credibility). There are multiple aspects of myself–my background–described above, that will be discussed that offer insight on the various interactions of those aspects as they relate to…just living.

Reach out to me to suggest topics, ask my questions, or speak your mind. I want to encourage discussion and interaction. There are few, but growing ways in which people can interact with what one may be curious about or don’t understand. I open this door as a new “way”.

I expect that I will make mistakes, so I hope for understanding and constructive criticism. Don’t give up on me :).


– ┬áJAY


Final Note: I’m excited about the possibilities of this blog. My fiancee is behind me 100%. I hope to have her provide guest blogs in the future! At the moment, we are planning our wedding, but the finances of such are, of course, more than out of our limit. We’re both pretty simple people (thankfully), so we don’t wish to plan anything too extravagant. Saving for this wedding is difficult, but it has to be done.

Luckily, Vermont is very open and welcoming in terms of allowing an LGBT couple to marry! We both agree that perhaps in my communication with the online world, as myself, might encourage readers and supporters to donate to helping fund either our wedding plans or perhaps my medical costs to eventually afford surgery. If so, the link to directly donate to a paypal account I set-up is below. I’m considering starting a funding account, I’m discourage at the moment due to low klout with this site–definitely in the future though.

I hope that this blog will offer intangible support to those it reaches. I also run a transgender community support account via Tumblr and Twitter reaching more individuals than I could have imagine for way over a year now. My fiancee has encourage me to ask for assistance as my anonymous account, but, at least for now, I feel that people may be more inclined to assist if more of “me” was in my social networking.


If possible, I’d love it if you’d specify whether you’re donating to our wedding fund, my personal transition, or other–and provide an email or means to send updates. Updates on the first two will be covered on this blog as updates come, but I’d love to personalize and detail updates to each donor! Both Liz and I are more than grateful! Thank you so much!



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